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songs off the Shirkers soundtrack

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weish is a Singaporean artist whose primary medium is live loops, creating a layered landscape of sounds with a mixture of singing, vocal percussion and instrumentation. 

In 2013 alone — her very first year practising music — she opened for Tegan and Sara, played at the F1 Grand Prix, as well as performed at The Esplanade, The Substation, TEDx and more.

Since, she has played to audiences all around the world, from living rooms to festival stages. Over the years, her versatility and perspective have also grown tremendously through collaborations not just with other musicians but also poets, visual artists and theatre productions.

Come 2018, weish has travelled all the way to Sundance Film Festival in Utah, in the soundtrack of award-winning film “Shirkers” by Sandi Tan. Most recently, she has also been the voice of MCCY’s “Tomorrow” campaign, aimed at inspiring youth to pursue their passions.


Electronic duo .gif (they're on a UK Tour this summer!)
Prog-rock / experimental band sub:shaman